capturing and processing images
two day course

14-15 April 2018
01-02 September 2018

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Once you have gained enough control of your camera, its basic exposure modes, focusing and lens choices, what comes next? This two day course presents a surprisingly simple but incredibly empowering workflow. It includes not only advanced camera craft techniques and the creative control involved in developing your own files, but also their efficient organisation, storage, retrieval, and archiving. The course features Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop in a practical inquiry based approach that ensures immediate refinements and significant improvements to your capture and processing workflow.

Specific topics include:
The First Principles of Digital Photography
—The digital transformation of continuous tone and resolution
—File size versus print size: How many pixels do I need?
—Bit depth: 8bits vs. 16bits vs. 32 bits
—Resolution: Image, screen, and printer/print
—Understanding JPEG, TIFF, PSD and RAW file formats
—Monitor calibration standards: Are you seeing correct colour?

Camera and Lens Craft
—Working with camera filters: ND, Graduated, Polarized
—Mastering depth of field and hyperfocal distances
—Extending depth of field with focus stacking
—Capturing high dynamic range images
—DNG profiling cameras and colour confidence
—Monitor calibration and seeing ‘correct’ colour

Importing and Archiving Digital Images
—Importing, cataloguing, sorting, renaming, and keywording images
—Histories, templates, presets, and search engines
—Handling and protecting images while travelling
—Image libraries and DNG archiving workflows
—Backup strategies and permanent storage solutions
—RAID (0, 1, 5, 10) and Beyond-RAID storage systems

Processing and Exporting Digital Images
—Processing RAW digital camera files
—The famous five colour and density correction fundamentals
—Selecting the right RGB settings and working spaces
—Sharpening and soft proofing digital images

This course runs from 10.00am to 4.30pm on both days, and includes generous breaks for individual consultation. The workshop is presented through discussion, demonstration and critical analysis, with the National Library of Australia’s Peter Dombrovskis exhibition, publication and prints as its major case study. There is also an extensive workshop resource website with detailed course notes, videos, and test files.

What to bring?
Please bring along some of your prints and/or files, and/or camera equipment, especially if you are having specific issues with any area of your workflow - from capture to processing, editing, and printing. While this is certainly not a workshop requirement, do feel free to bring along anything that you think might be helpful. For example, intimately comparing your prints with Peter’s prints can be a ‘life-changing’ experience.

About Dr Les Walkling
Les Walkling is a renowned artist, educator and art consultant. Les has been teaching specialised workshops since 1977, and was the Program Director of Media Arts (1993 – 2005) and a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Art (2006-2010) at RMIT University. In 2012, he was named a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and also serves on museum boards/committees of management and cultural and technical advisory groups. As an artist, his work is exhibited and represented in many public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA), the National Gallery of Victoria, the Art Gallery of NSW, and the National Gallery of Australia. In recent years his practice has expanded to include major collaborative projects with other artists including Peter Kennedy, Polixeni Papapetrou, Peta Clancy, Siri Hayes, and Bill Henson.

Cost: CCP Members: $495 incl. GST. Non-members $555 incl. GST
Venue: The Centre for Contemporary Photography, 404 George Street, Fitzroy, VIC.
Class Size: Maximum class size of 12
Course Duration: 10.00am - 4.30pm both days
Enquiries: or +614 38 59 00 93

› Book now through our online shop

Image: Les Walkling The approaching storm 2012


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