"Thank you so much for this weekend, which I found endlessly fascinating and informative. The course greatly exceeded my expectations; not only did I learn a lot, I got a sense of how very much more there is to learn." Lisa Stonham

"I learnt an enormous amount over the two days. It has demystified a huge chunk of the digital "madness" which Les described, and given me invaluable tools, direction and understanding to confidently deal with the digital processes." Rachel Pilgrim

"The last weekend photo workshop was one of the best things I've done in the last year so far. I was thrilled by Les's enthusiasm, I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures of a skilled educator." George Somjen

"I have been a Pro Photographer for 32 years and that was the best two days I have ever had in a course! Thank you." Paul Francis



CCP's Visy Education Space Epson EH-TW 3500 projector provided by Kayell Australia.

Image: CCP Supporter logos