LES WALKLING Photography Courses

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2017 Course Dates

Short courses
6:30pm—9pm, Monday and Wednesday evening

Sunday Intesives
10am—4:30pm, Sundays



2017 DATES

Knowing and Loving
your Digital Camera
Short Course

Learning how your camera ‘represents the world’ and how to change its appearance through your camera’s functions and control are critically important skills. Your camera needs to become an extension of your feelings so it never gets in your way, but instead facilitates your creation of more engaging, interesting and meaningful images. Read more >
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Term 1
06 Mar–10 Apr

Term 2
19 Jun–24 Jul

Term 3
25 Sept–30 Oct

Being a Creative Photographer
Short Course

Being a creative photographer is much more than saying ‘yes or no’ to presets, filters and recipes. Innovation, or the making more of something already known, can only come, by definition, from already knowing what it is that you need to know. Photography extends this ‘problem’ because in photography you need to know something about everything in order to know ‘anything at all’. Such is the interwoven and intricate nature of photography, its practice and culpabilities. Creative photography is all about knowing what is possible, learning to do it yourself, and then playing with that knowledge. Read more >
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Term 1
08 Mar–12 Apr

Term 2
21 Jun–26 Jul

Term 3
27 Sept–01 Nov

Processing and
Archiving Images

Sunday Intensive

Once you have gained enough control of your camera, its exposure modes, focusing and lens choices, what comes next? This is a question I get asked all the time, and my answer is, ‘welcome to the Digital Lightroom’. This one day course presents a simple but incredibly empowering workflow especially designed for anyone who is at all uncertain of what to do next with their images. This includes not only the creative control involved in processing your own files, but also their efficient organisation, retrieval, and archiving. Read more >
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12 Mar
07 May
02 July
24 Sept

Seeing and Capturing Light
Sunday Intensive

Photography literally means ‘drawing with light’, yet lighting, its qualities, reverence, effects and styling remains poorly misrepresented, despite light being photography’s language. We need a vocabulary (fundamentals), and the practical skills to light different subjects for different outcomes (applications). And we need to be free enough with these associations to go beyond them. This is why this one day course exists; to help you to understand and work creatively, thoughtfully and emotionally with light in the studio, on the stage, and around the world.
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26 Mar
14 May
16 July
08 Oct

Photoshopping Images
Sunday Intensive

As distinct from capturing an image in the camera, Photoshop allows us to make an image, or create an image, or substantially refine or evolve an image. It allows us to combine images and design around images, even analyse images, but most importantly, it allows us to magically transform our images. It is not only the world’s leading image editing program, it is an indispensable tool in the imaginative visual realisation of our thoughts, feelings and associations. While other programs can perform some of the same tasks as Photoshop, such as the processing of camera RAW files, Photoshop can do so much more. This one day course is dedicated to that ‘so much more’. Read more >
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09 Apr
28 May
30 July
22 Oct

Understanding Pictures
Sunday Intensive

The ‘problem’ with photography, as with all technologically mediated art, is when it gets in the way of our understanding. Photography intensifies this by capturing so much that it can be hard to know when, and what, to pay attention to. Like any language, the process therefore needs to be broken down and demystified so we can work with it, not against it. But just as we are the ones who breath life into stone and canvas, our pictures, at their best, can also transport us ‘somewhere’ beyond even that. This one day course is dedicated to how pictures do this, that is, how they ‘think, emote and misbehave’, and the essential processes underpinning all image creation. Read more >
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23 Apr
18 June
13 Aug
05 Nov



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