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Seeing and capturing light

10am—4:30pm, Sundays
26 March
14 May
16 July
08 October

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Photography literally means ‘drawing with light’, yet lighting, its qualities, reverence, effects and styling remains poorly misrepresented, despite light being photography’s language. We need a vocabulary (fundamentals), and the practical skills to light different subjects for different outcomes (applications). And we need to be free enough with these associations to go beyond them. This is why this one day course exists; to help you to understand and work creatively, thoughtfully and emotionally with light in the studio, on the stage, and around the world. Topics include:

Lighting Fundamentals
—Finding the light versus creating the light
—Soft lights and hard lights
—Warm lights and cool lights
—Key lights, fill lights, and shaping lights
—Lighting ratios and the inverse square law
—Reflections, shade and shadows
—Painting with light and mixed light sources

Lighting Equipment
—Continuous: IQ, HMI, fluorescent, and variable LED lights
—Flash: Speed lights, monoblocs, and studio power packs
—Portable and location lighting
—Broad lights, spot lights and fresnel lights
—Light reflectors, shapers, enclosers, gels and diffusers
—ETTL versus incident light meters and manual exposure

Lighting Modes
—Basic Light and Contour Light
—Semi-Silhouette Light
—Dynamic Light and Plastic Light
—High Key and Low Key lighting
—Notan and Chiaroscuro
—Aerial perspective and the atmospheric umbrella

Lighting Case Studies
—Setting up a lighting studio
—Lighting skin (texture, mood and key)
—Lighting 2D works (discounting the illuminant)
—Lighting 3D objects (revealing shape and lines of separation)
—Lighting metal (controlling reflections)
—Lighting glass (bright and dark field lighting)

This course is a hands-on exploration of lighting setups, equipment, and techniques. We borrow freely from photographic, cinematic and theatrical lighting styles, which are analysed, explained, replicated and then applied in a series of case studies. Live view and tethered shooting provides real time feedback as objects and spaces are illuminated and captured. Detailed course notes and video tutorials are provided.

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