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About Les Walkling

Dr. Les Walkling is an artist, educator and consultant. He studied science and philosophy at Monash University before turning to fine art photography in 1975, receiving Australia Council Arts grants and exhibiting widely.

His work is in many public collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra and The National Gallery of Victoria.

Introduction from Les

This is the twenty-fourth year that I have contributed to the education program at the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Melbourne.

Over this time a great many social and technological changes have taken place across all areas of photography; from hardware and software, to image capture, distribution and access, to employment, culture and inheritance. My research has contributed to this evolution and my courses constructively help others to integrate these momentous changes into their lives, their photography and employment.

Artists, photographers, designers, curators, scientists and others from across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, both professionals and enthusiasts, attend my courses. Many people have repeated the courses over a number of years, not only to update or extend their skills and knowledge, but also to benefit from the friendships, collaborations and networks that naturally develop out of this program.

This year I am presenting four different one day specialist courses on the weekends at the CCP, repeated regularly throughout the year, comprising sixteen courses in total covering the essential topics underlying contemporary digital photographic practice:

—Processing and Archiving Images
—Seeing and Capturing Light
—Photoshopping Images
—Understanding Pictures

I also team teach with my son Andrey, two different six week duration short courses, on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the CCP, that are also repeated three times throughout the year.

—Knowing and Loving your Digital Camera
—Being a Creative Photographer

All of my courses have been completely rethought and restaged for 2017 in line with the momentous technological and cultural changes that continue to influence contemporary photographic practice.

My courses are delivered through explanations, investigations, hands-on experimentation, demonstrations, and practical applications in a focused but entertaining manner. Discussion and analysis is actively facilitated, with aspects of photographic history and cultural theory related to the work as critical practice.

While the courses can be studied sequentially, each course is also presented as a self-contained body of knowledge that is then adapted to individual needs. Each course is therefore a unique experience that evolves every time it is presented, while the program overall presents a comprehensive study of contemporary digital photographic practice.

Dr Les Walkling



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