The Next Level: Expanding your limits as a photographer
Stephen Dupont and Marshall Weber

Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 October 2015
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Appropriate for professional photographers and graduate students in photography, art and communications, this workshop will show photographers how to critically and honestly look at their own personal proactive, motivations and intentions with the goal of getting beyond any unexamined self-limitations. The workshop with deal with issues of subjectivity, privilege, ethics, intimacy, consensus, and motivation.

Unexamined assumptions about how photography and photographers work, and how the relationship of the photographer and the subject matter affect the image making practice leave many photographers stuck in a mundane and immature cycle of amateur production that prevents progress and development. This workshop is designed to challenge all assumptions about why and how we take pictures and raise our practice to the next level of both personal and professional ability.

Exploring current quantum physics and Buddhist concepts regarding how 'looking' changes matter itself along with theory constructing the photographer as a cyborg the workshop will interrogate personal practices of photography by using photography, performance exercises, social media, and photo-art books as tools to dig deep into our identity as photographers.

Using decades of experience in activist photography, performance art, social practice and street and conflict photography Dupont and Weber will join the participants in this two night intensive interrogation of the complex relationship between the photographer, the camera and the subject. The goal of the workshop is to provide participants with tools of self-awareness, self-criticality, and attention in order to mature their photographic skills so they move beyond their comfort zones into a dynamic and creative practice.


Bring a presentation of 10 of your photographs and a one page written description that describes how you see yourself as a photographer, why and how you take pictures, and what your goals are for the next ten years.

Evening 1

Dupont will present projects challenging conventional photographic practices ranging from shooting polaroid film and immediately giving the positives to the grateful and awestruck subjects to ripping photos apart and collaging them into a unique artists book in Gerhard Steidl's office while a perplexed Gerhard Steidl stood by and watched. Weber will present critical tools to reframe aesthetic and social compositions within the context of the 21st Century technologies and practices of photography. He'll present projects involving social media, performance photography, unique photo-collage and photo-art books. Conventional identities such as art, documentary, personal and commercial photography are blurring in the 21st Century and we'll look at the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary photography.


Take 5 photographs on the street or interior portraits of people without their permission or knowledge. (Do not break any privacy laws, so research those laws first.)

Take 5 photographs on the street or interior portraits of people with their explicit permission.

Evening 2

We'll look at the assignments and Dupont and Weber will lead a group critique that applies the vocabulary and concepts of the first evenings presentation.

A discussion of practical resources for photographers will wrap up the workshop.


$290 CCP member
$350 non-member

Dates and Time

Session 1: Tuesday 20 October 2015, 5—8pm
Session 2: Wednesday 21 October 2015, 5—8pm


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CCP's Visy Education Space Epson EH-TW 3500 projector provided by Kayell Australia.

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