CCP Salon


Q: What is CCP Salon?
A: CCP Salon is an annual, open-entry exhibition and competition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography. The French term ‘Salon’ describes the style of juried exhibition, prominent in nineteenth-century Paris, whereby artworks were exhibited floor to ceiling. For more information on the history of Salon exhibitions go to:

Q: If I enter CCP Salon will my work be exhibited?
Yes. If you enter CCP Salon by 6pm, Friday 4 November 2016 and deliver your work ready to hang on Thursday 17 November 2016, or Friday 18 November 2016 between 9am—5pm, your work will be exhibited. In the event that there is not enough room to exhibit all the work, CCP reserves the right to make selections, in which case a full refund would be provided.

Q: If I submit my entry form by 4 November, do I submit my artwork at the same time?
A: No. Artwork must be delivered on Thursday 17 November 2016, or Friday 18 November 2016 between 9am—5pm. Artwork can arrive early if posted or freighted. Please contact CCP for packing advice and to let us know if your work will be delivered early.

Q: How many times can I enter?
A: There is a limit of six entries per artist. One work/photograph per entry. Entrants must pay for each entry.

Q: Is there a size restriction?
A: Yes. Maximum size of artwork is 80x80cm (or 6,400 cm/square), including frames and mounts.

Q: Does CCP need to see the artwork before the registration due date on 6 November 2015?
A: No. However if your work contains images or subjects that may cause offence to the general public, please contact CCP before entering.

Q: Do I nominate the prize categories for my work to be included in for judging?
A: No. We provide the judges with artwork medium details and they do the rest. The decisions made by the judges and CCP in regards to installing and awarding prizes are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Q: Can I collect my work before 5pm on Saturday 19 December (exhibition close)?
A: No. Work can only be collected on Sunday 18 December 2016 and Monday 19 December 2016. Works collected after these dates will incur a $50 late fee and an additional $50 fee for each week the work remains at CCP. CCP will dispose of any works left uncollected on Friday 30 January 2016.

Q: If my work is a series of two or more images, can I enter it under one entry?
A: No. You may enter a series but each work counts as a separate entry. You may enter a maximum of six times.


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