Rotary Youth Arts Project (RYAP)

Photographs from the 2010 Rotary Youth Arts Project (RYAP)

Meng Yuan Guo
Meng Yuan Guo 23° 26' 2010

Sarah Keeble
Sarah Keeble Sunrise/Sunset 2010

Andrew Leuanxay
Andrew Leuanxay
The night east meets west 2010

Zoe O'Callaghn
Zoe O'Callaghn Utopia 2010

Amber Louise Peni
Amber Louise Peni
Untitled 2010

Nathaniel Tanter
Nathaniel Tanter
Jade Tint My World 2010

Do You See What I See

Participating photographers:
Meng Yuan Guo, Sarah Keeble, Andrew Leuanxay, Zoe O'Callaghn, Paden O'Neil, Amber Louise Peni, Nathaniel Tanter

The Rotary Youth Arts Project is a cooperative project between arts organisations within the City of Yarra: Dancehouse, Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) and Rotary. Young people living, studying or attending services in the City of Yarra were invited to participate in a photography workshop at the CCP.

The 15-week course, presented by artist and educator Salote Tawale, covered a wide range of photography subjects and approaches to making work, including documentary photography, the urban environment, identity, fashion and consumerism, abstraction and surrealism. The group has also discussed how to develop a series of images from an idea: how to transform a concept into a tangible photograph. Professional practice was also addressed. Participants were given Kodak digital cameras for the duration of the course and their images projected for class feedback and discussion.

Students gained an understanding of the history of photography through discussion of the work of key contemporary photographers. Classes also addressed how to present and discuss their work, exhibition making, camera skills, terminology, photographic themes and the strategies artists utilise. Participants have adapted strategies and themes to suit their own lives and approaches, in an exploration of identity and self.

With the collective goal of an exhibition at the CCP in their sights, participants also worked as a group, giving advice, support and communicating their ideas, to achieve a final group exhibition.

Students were ably supported by Angela Barnett, RYAP youth worker and Dominique Miller, RYAP Project Coordinator. Alison Bennett conducted Photoshop editing classes with participants at the Fitzroy Learning Network.

On behalf of the participants, CCP acknowledges and thanks Crumpler, Colour Factory, Fitzroy Learning Network, Kodak, Rotary Club of Carlton, Rotary Club of Richmond, Motto, Artshub and City of Yarra.
Without this support, RYAP would not have been possible.









Image: CCP Supporter logos