2014 Rotary Youth Arts Project (RYAP)

2014 RYAP Blog: rotaryyouthtribe.tumblr.com

Participating photographers:
Joey Shirley
Charlie Mathews
Liberty Minogue
Abdi Nur
Lili Clifford
Felix Bridie
Jarrod Fogarty
Bashir Farah
Mohamud Mohamud
Cade Adams - Jacka

Students from Collingwood College were invited to participate in a photography workshop at the CCP. The 10 – week course, presented by artist and educator Amelia King covered a wide range of photography subjects and approaches to making work including documentary photography, the urban environment, identity, abstraction and surrealism. Participants were given digital cameras for the duration of the course. They gained an understanding of the history of photography through lectures and discussions about the work of key contemporary photographers. Classes also addressed how to present and discuss students' work, exhibition making, terminology, photographic themes and strategies including creating an online group portfolio.

Each participant has adapted strategies and themes to suit their own lives and approaches, in an exploration of identity and self.

Please see the blog for examples of work made during the 10 weeks: rotaryyouthtribe.tumblr.com










Image: CCP Supporter logos