Workshop: Mastering Low Light Photography with Kri

Kristian Dowling

Mastering Low Light Photography with Kristian Dowling
Saturday 29 November, 10am—12pm

Presented by Leica Akademie
Leica showbag valued at $30 provided to each attendee.
$20 CCP members, $35 non-members.
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Being a photographer often means having to adapt to difficult situations and surroundings when capturing an image. Especially in low light situations, the technique behind capturing a natural looking image is an added level of difficulty. The challenges faced in low light are now assisted by the incredible high-ISO capabilities of today's cameras - but is it enough? Sometimes putting the ISO 'up' doesn't result in better pictures, so what can you do?

Join Kristian Dowling for a one-night only photography workshop on mastering low light photography with Leica Camera. Kristian's experience working in low light has taken him behind the scenes of the world's biggest events like New York Fashion Week to Hollywood sets and on tour with the likes of pop sensation Katy Perry. Learn Kristian's techniques on how to see and read light like a book and use problem solving technique to bridge the 'technical gap' between your creative ideas and the final image. During the night you'll learn not only how to work with existing light, but how to add and subtract it using LED and flash, while maintaining a natural looking picture in the most difficult situations.

Kristian Dowling is an internationally acclaimed photographer specialising in editorial portraiture and documentary. His work started on the streets of Melbourne following his love of documentary, but he's best known for his work in Los Angeles as an entertainment photographer, where he has worked with the biggest names in Hollywood. Specialising in lighting, Kristian conducts workshops and private training for photographers across the globe, and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with keen photographers dedicated to learning photography the traditional way.

Last Updated 05 November 2014

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