CCP interior galleries are now closed until 7 February 2014. The Summer Night Projection Window will be operating seven days a week after dark from 13 December to 5 February screening The Derwent Project by David Stephenson and Martin Walch.

CCP reopens on Thursday 6 February 2014, 6–8pm with:

Mathieu Gallois

Gallery 1
Mathieu Gallois

Mario Pfeiffer

Gallery 2
Alex Monteith, Mario Pfeifer, Jean-Francois Guiton and Tamsin Green
A Taste of Ashes Fills the Air
Curated by Jan Bryant

Damiano Bertoli

Gallery 3
Damiano Bertoli
Continuous Moment: Sordid's Hotel

Sandra Parker

Gallery 4
Sandra Parker with Rhian Hinkley
Three Angles

Hanna Tai

Night Projection Window
Hanna Tai
Come to Me

Images: Mathieu Gallois To Move Forward To Destiny of Full Epuality: The Wellington Times 1944-1965 2012 (detail); Mario Pfeiffer Reconsidering The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California by Lewis Baltz, 1974 2009 (video still); Damiano Bertoli Continuous Moment: Big Foot's Studio (Exterior) 2013; Sandra Parker (with Rhian Hinkley) Three Angles 2012 (video still); Hanna Tai Come to Me 2013 (video still)

Last Updated 11 February 2014

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