shadow sites Walking Tour
Exclusive event for CCP Members

Rudi Williams

Developed in association with Next Wave and curated by Samantha McCulloch (ZAF/VIC) & Frances Wilkinson (VIC)

What happens to artworks when they are hidden from view, resting in the vaults of an archive? Inside a commercial storage unit, a volcanic rock rests on light sensitive paper, a single fluorescent bulb illuminates a cement sculpture and a cast of a corrugated iron wall is neatly folded in a corner, prudently waiting. Fifteen minutes-walk away in a gallery space at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, a photograph of the volcanic rock fades over time, a plastic sheet with traces of the cement is laid bare and two photographs of the casting process reflect in one another. Here, the artists' documents and working processes are present, while the artworks themselves inhabit the unusual surrounds of National Storage Collingwood.

Examining the relationship between artwork, its documentation and viewing spaces, shadow sites explores how art is understood both within and outside the gallery. Over the course of eight weeks, seven artists working with photography, sculpture and language present new site responsive works that explore the relationship between original and document, tracing the stages of production and display.

Join the curators Samantha McCulloch and Frances Wilkinson of shadow sites for an informal discussion across both exhibition venues. Starting at Centre for Contemporary Photography, the curators will introduce the project, discussing the first part of the exhibition. The group will then take a short walk to National Storage Collingwood where the curators will talk about the artworks and the site, moving through each display unit. Members are welcome to participate in discussion, ask questions or simply listen and enjoy the conversations.


Sunday 24 April
Members are welcome to bring a plus one to this event.
Bookings required, email to secure your place.

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Image: Rudi Williams Window, Bode Museum Berlin 2014
hand printed type C print, dimensions variable
image courtesy of the artist


Steve Carr: On A Manual for Small Archives
A CCP and ACMI Members exclusive event

Steve Carr

Join New Zealand-based artist Steve Carr for an immersive evening of discussion as he muses on the cinematic moments and delicate transformative objects found in his exhibition, A Manual for Small Archives at Centre for Contemporary Photography.

From golf balls through to smoke, bubbles and cacti, Carr slows down time; like an array of experiments, these works resist individual classification as they interact with each other and the viewer to reveal new narratives. Carr provides an opportunity for the audience to decode this archive, drawing from their experiences and understandings to create new connections and meaning.

We welcome you to Centre for Contemporary Photography for an exclusive viewing of A Manual for Small Archives, followed by an engaging presentation by the artist himself.


Represented in New Zealand by Michael Lett, Auckland and in Australia by STATION, Melbourne, New Zealand-based artist Steve Carr has had work in many major New Zealand and international exhibitions. Recent exhibitions include Bullet Time, Wellington City Gallery, with Daniel Crooks (2016), The Science of Ecstasy and Immortality, Michael Lett, Auckland (2015), Stretching Time, Dunedin Public Art Gallery (2014), Majo, Outer Space, Christchurch City Art Gallery (2013) and Smoke Films, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (2012). He has been a Lecturer in Fine Arts and Photography at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Auckland, and is currently Senior Lecturer in Film at the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts, Christchurch, New Zealand.


Friday 1 April 2016

Centre for Contemporary Photography
404 George Street
Fitzroy, 3065

Refreshments included.
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Presented in partnership with ACMI

Image: Steve Carr Smoke Bubble #1 2015-16
inkjet print, 120 x 120 cm
edition of 3
courtesy the artist, Michael Lett, Auckland and STATION, Melbourne

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