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CCP Education visits

CCP exhibitions span multiple disciplines in traditional and contemporary photo-based arts. A diversity of perspectives across five gallery spaces offers scope for engaging with and understanding how different artists work creatively.  The gallery provides a valuable opportunity to view and respond to artwork first-hand and gain insights into the contemporary art industry.

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Programs for Students and School Groups

Guided Floor Talks

Wednesdays to Fridays, 11am to 5pm

Floortalks are presented by CCP staff who will introduce students to the artistic themes and content of CCP’s current exhibition program. Staff can also discuss insights into the art industry content for VCE upon request for an additional fee.

Teachers are encouraged view the Exhibition Program for further details about current and forthcoming exhibitions when planning an excursion.

$5 per student for a 30 minute presentation.
$10 per student for 45  minute presentation on current exhibitions and VCE art industry content.

Artist talks are available upon request, subject to availability, for an additional fee.

Public Programs available for Teachers

Free Artist Floor talks

CCP will hold free artist floor talks the Saturday following the opening of exhibitions, at 12pm.

This is a great opportunity to hear the artists talk about their work first hand, ask questions and find out more about their practice.

Digital Photography Courses with Les Walkling

Les Walkling offers a range of weekend courses throughout the year that are very popular with professional photographers and artists alike. The courses are also relevant to secondary art and media teachers. They cover a broad range of skills and topics in digital photography.

2014 program available here

Planning your visit to CCP


Advanced bookings are essential for school groups. Floortalks must be requested and confirmed at least two weeks prior to a visit.


Please call the gallery between Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, to arrange a booking.


Guided floortalks are $5 per student. Supervising teachers are free. See other program pages for course and seminar costs.

Group Sizes

It is suggested that group sizes be no larger than 25 students. Please discuss your requirements for larger groups.


School Teachers are required to remain with the students throughout their visit.


Making Models: The Collaborative Art of Wendy Ewald

PDF Download the Making Models: The Collaborative Art of Wendy Ewald Education Kit

True Self: David Rosetzky Selected Works

PDF Download the True Self: David Rosetzky Selected Works Education Kit

Taryn Simon An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar

PDF Download the Taryn Simon: An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar Education Kit 578kb

Seventh CCP Documentary Photography Award

PDF Icon Download the seventh CCP Documentary Photography Award: Education Kit PDF 1.97MB
PDF Icon Download the seventh CCP Documentary Photography Award: Student Response Sheets PDF 1.1MB
PDF Icon Further information: Photographers' Technical Information PDF 385KB

Anne Zahalka Hall of Mirrors
Visit the NETS Victoria Hall of Mirrors website to download the education kit

Simryn Gill Inland
Visit the NETS Victoria Inland website to download the education kit

ILFORD Photogram workshop:
a camera-less photograph made in the darkroom

This is a hands-on educational workshop where students will create photograms by using different materials and playful techniques. You will learn about darkroom safety, develop your images in the darkroom and can also experiment with solarisation and painting on developer. Class sizes are small to ensure hands-on teaching and learning. 

Linsey Gosper is an artist, curator and educator, and the CCP Gallery Manager. Her business, Strange Neighbour just a few doors from CCP (literally a dear, strange neighbour) has a community black and white darkroom for hire. From here she teaches educational darkroom workshops.

Class size maximum 10, students will be sharing an enlarger. Suitable for ages 13—18. 

Tuesday December 13, 10am—1pm
Tuesday December 20, 1—4pm

Information Kit (pdf)
Book here

Presented by
Ilford Strange Neighbour

Image: Linsey Gosper, Photogram One 2015, courtesy the artist

Image: CCP Supporter logos