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Lassie Image

Night Projection Window
Matthew Harris

Lassie began in 1859, a maternal Rough Collie as short story heroine. Lassie appeared much later in another story and became a big film franchise. Radio and TV serials, spin-off books and products ensued. She defied all adversity, domestic and pastoral mishaps.

Lassie is a tear-jerker. Everyone has cried for Lassie. If you haven't then you're probably a bad person. I used to cry over Lassie re-runs, but around the same time I also tortured garden snails with salt, so I am a bad person.

One morning last year I found a small plastic dog, a Collie. Dirty, no colour, funny eye dots. Lassie is it really you? A snail passed on the concrete soon after and the two met. Tired from all the adventures, she succumbed to the tears of millions. Lassie finally died.

The Night Project Window is screened on the outside of the building, seven nights a week after dark.

Image: Matthew Harris Lassie 2013 (still), single channel digital video, 1:57, dimensions variable, courtesy the artist.

Image: CCP Supporter logos