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California Re-visited Image

Night Projection Window
Greg Moncrieff
California Re-visited

In the 1980's I spent six months in Oakland California and during that time used photography extensively to record my reaction to American life in general but more specifically the urban decay evident in the Oakland area resulting from the extensive use of crack cocaine. Recently I culled colour transparencies from that period and before dumping this material it was put aside and became altered by moisture and other elements. I responded to this unexpected 'collaboration' and saw that chance had in many cases resulted in images that had considerable presence. The altered transparencies were then scanned and the images presented in several formats. As projected images in digital form, these works have reappeared, via a convoluted journey, to be seen in the form in which I had initially intended.

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Image: Greg Moncrieff
Ghost Horse 2013
inkjet print
30 x 45 cm
courtesy the artist

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