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Ectomorphia I Image

Night Projection Window
Gregory Bennett
Ectomorphia I

Ectomorphia I (2015) conjures the utopian and dystopian, presenting an endlessly rotating point-of-view of a circular construction which is populated by an ever-expanding taxonomy of animated figures, plants, and objects, often simultaneously fixed and unstable, trapped in ceaseless loops and cycles in a form of animated stasis.

This rotating circular form is a staging ground for a series of psychological vignettes. Using 3D animation and motion capture (whereby live performers movements are recorded in 3D and applied directly to digital figures) the artist references and reconfigures sources such as the Greek myth of the flaying of Marsyas, from Ovid's Metamorphoses.

CCP's Night Projection Window uses 3M Vikuiti rear projection film

Image: CCP Supporter logos