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Beyond Setting Suns Image

Night Projection Window
Kate Mitchell
Beyond Setting Suns

In the video Beyond Setting Suns the artist is seen infinitely jumping through large-scale prints of sunsets. The images, scans of picturesque holiday postcards, loom large as representations of perceived perfect moments. These idyllic locations, seen as rewards for toiling away at work, are presented as places where worries dissipate and stress is non-existent. However, all is not so in paradise.

In the artist’s quest to reach such a utopia, to get to the perfect sunset, the spell is broken, lost and seemingly beyond reach. She crashes through the paper not into the scene; leaving only the darkness beyond the fantasy to linger.

There is a subconscious analytical thread inherent in Beyond Setting Suns, a deep mining of internal worlds. However, in the face of disillusionment, there still remains hope that something wondrous will be revealed, in any given moment.

Kate Mitchell is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney and Melbourne.

Image: Kate Mitchell Beyond Setting Suns 2014 (video still), courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney and Melbourne.

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