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Anna Higgins
International Waters

Anna Higgins' photographic practice incorporates found imagery that is abstracted and re-contextualised through methods of collage, projection and other analogue special effects to form new perspectives. Working with 120mm film, her work explores the nature of images, and how the mind makes sense of and disturbs information and imagery that is not fully formed.

For the exhibition, Higgins trawls through found phone footage, newspaper archives and faded historical images and compresses these elements to form new images and meaning.

This exhibition was prompted by disappearance of planes off the radar, the vast uncharted ocean, washed up debris dispersed throughout the world, agitated crowds, CCTV and pixelated footage of unknown origin. International Waters will sit in the alluring gap between representation and absence, exploring the abstract and expressive potential of displaced and obscured imagery.


Image: Anna Higgins
Tokyo, 1996 2016
courtesy the artist

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