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Cyprien Gaillard
Pruitt Igoe Falls

In this single channel, silent video work, French artist Cyprien Gaillard pairs two shots, both filmed at night. The first captures the demolition of a housing estate building in Sighthill, Glasgow, behind a cemetery. The second features Niagara Falls, lit up with coloured lights. Moving from one 'fall' into another, the mood of Pruitt Igoe Falls is both sublime and entropic. The title comes from a failed housing project in the USA, Pruitt Igoe, built in the 1950s in St Louis, and demolished in the 1970s. The work also situates modernist architecture (and its demise) alongside a constant, natural wonder, which is marked with human folly.

Cyprien Gaillard is represented by Sprüth Magers Berlin London; Gladstone Gallery, New York; Bugada & Cargnel, Paris and Laura Bartlett Gallery, London.


Image: Cyprien Gaillard Pruitt Igoe Falls 2009 (video still), courtesy the artist and Sprüth Magers Berlin London.

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