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Like a clap of thunder Image

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Nik Pantazopoulos
Like a clap of thunder

Like a clap of thunder applies the verb ‘to unfurl’ to both a king size bed sheet in the photography studio and to the architectural framework within the gallery, aiming to capture an affect.

The bed sheet is spread out and caught by the flash in mid-air — in a state of making and unmaking; twisting, knotting, wrestling, forming, reforming, pouring, holding, releasing, open to the wind. 

These emotional forms are then used to screen and be backdrops, to usher and parenthesize an event in space.

Image: Nik Pantazopolous / King size bedsheet / mid grey / the act of making / juddering / dispersing / 2 x Elinchrome flash heads / light value 4.4 / angle of incidence 45◦ / cable synched to Canon EOS 5D Mark III / EF85mm / f/1.2L II USM Lens / f/8.0 1/80 iso 100 / temperature 5900◦K / image captured 2.44.00 PM / 14.01.2017

Image: CCP Supporter logos