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Sophie Calle, Rodney Glick and David Solomon, Siri Hayes, Nova Paul, Julian Aubrey Smith and Justine Varga
For Future Reference

Socrates suggested that memories could be seen as imprints in soft wax, fragile, unreliable and subject to changes in state, yet memory is relied upon almost ubiquitously and continuously. For Future Reference draws on photography's propensity to trigger, hold and play with memory.

Photography, because of its capacity to represent 'reality', has often been seen as a core aid in the dredging up of our memories, fleshing out of narratives, allaying of doubts and confirming of rumours. Of course, it also has the capacity to fabricate, misguide and subvert memory. Artists who have filtered memory through photography, or drawn on photographic ideas find connections between photography and personal mythologies, collective history, imagined futures, nostalgia, and coerced assumptions.


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Image: Nova Paul
This is not Dying 2010 (film still)
medium 16mm film transfered to HD Video
duration 20 minutes
edition 5 + AP
courtesy the artist

Image: CCP Supporter logos