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Tony Garifalakis
Angels of the Bottomless Pit

Angels of the Bottomless Pit is the latest installment in an ongoing project by Melbourne-based artist Tony Garifalakis. The exhibition examines the notion of the Anti-Christ and, more specifically, the attempts made to identify and name him/her. Utilising information gathered from evangelical Christian and conspiracy theory sources, Angels of the Bottomless Pit presents us with a vast collection of candidates—heads of state, royalty, pontiffs, pop singers, bankers—vying for the title of the Anti-Christ.

The series of digitally manipulated found images and mixed media works in the exhibition present us with a commentary on the simplistic notion of 'good versus evil' and highlight the tendency for judgement or 'demonisation' that it involves.

Tony Garifalakis is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.


Image: Tony Garafalakis Anti Christs 2013 (detail), courtesy the artist and Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.

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