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James Tunks

The new series of works, Elsewhere, combines James Tunks’ fascination with astronomical photography, indirect forms of self-portraiture and the transmutation of objects and images. 

Instead of photographing stars themselves, Tunks constructs the photographs using predominately found and accumulated material that is crushed and pulverized to mirror interstellar nebula. This process forms constellations between otherwise arbitrary materials whilst at the same time echoing the history of astrophotography and its pioneers such as Edwin Hubble and EE Barnard. 

Image: James Tunks, Crushed and pulverized 35mm Minolta wide angle lens, still photograph from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, aspirin migräne, coconut, viewfinder prism, paperback cover of Jorge Luis Borges ‘Labyrinths’, found hunting arrow, Icelandic flag sew on embroidered patch, ground espresso, page from Francois Laurelle’s ‘The Concept of Non Photography’, pistachio husks, photograph of lion paintings from Chauvets Cave, dried hibiscus, type-c print, 85cm x 130cm, courtesy the artist.

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