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Suddenly Slowly Image

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Andrew Browne
Suddenly Slowly

The installation Suddenly Slowly juxtaposes photographic notations, studies, unique images and series – virtually the artist's taxonomy – to describe a greater landscape, abstracted and estranged from reality. Drawn from photographic imagery created over more than two decades this immersive field is derived from multiple disparate and happenchance encounters with the observed world. The images - to paraphrase Marc Auge - act as a brake on the fade of memories (and the descent into oblivion). But they also inevitably distort reality through sensibility, the privileging of particular moments and manipulation of formal devices including blurring, cropping and scaling.

Colliding elements from varied peripheral sites and from across time, the work describes a landscape alienated from the picturesque, becoming a montage of sensation where the odd, the anecdotal and the texture of the world rub up against the texture of the artist's practise. An ecosystem of images then – perhaps closer to the concept of 'irreality' in that it depicts a subjective mutation of the world at odds with a generally agreed objectivity. The installation as a whole could be seen as an elegant mess of the mind, with the artist's intuitive and personal logic driving meaning and association through subtle surreal fictions and at times illogical means.

Andrew Browne is represented by Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.


Image: #1 (detail) from Sixteen Figments 2011
Photograph on Canson Rag Photographique
Image size 28 x 28 cm
Courtesy the artist and Tolarno Galleries

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