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Paul Knight

Sitting somewhere between Baudrillard's simulations and the yielding status of photographic space as an object, Fictions employs photographic distance as a self-reflexive material.

The work rejects the indexical notion of photography, proposing that the reflections we see in the photographic image are not even that; but rather independent and absolute in their own right.

The exhibition acts to highlight this distance between the photographic image and the reflection of our world and as such, the work pursues a concept of image, which resides trapped inside the qualities and sensations of itself.

Paul Knight is represented by Neon Parc, Melbourne.

The artist gratefully acknowledges the technology support of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne.

ACMI - Sofitel


Image: Paul Knight The Held 2014 (detail), courtesy the artist and Neon Parc, Melbourne.

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