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Night Projection Window
Cerebus: Karl Hyde, Toru Yoshikawa and John Warwicker

We are indiscriminate thieves feasting on whatever we find. Prowl is a part of the ongoing collaboration and conversation between artists Karl Hyde (UK), Toru Yoshikawa (Japan) and John Warwicker (Australia). It is, as the American sculptor Robert Morris once said, "a continuous project altered daily".

Hyde's phrase 'the photographic ear' neatly sums up this mutual interest and investigation. The camera trains us to be sensually aware of the tone, timbre, pitch and rhythm present and resonating within a specific place at a particular moment, revealing the sound of a place translated in image, recomposed as sequence.

This presentation of Prowl has been assembled from our ever-growing archive of thousands of photographs 'taken' on our individual and collective journeys through Europe, Asia and America.

Image: Toru Yoshikawa Tadis 2013, from the exhibition Prowl by Cerebus (Karl Hyde, Toru Yoshikawa and John Warwicker), courtesy the artist.

CCP’s Night Projection Window using the 3M Vikuiti rear projection film
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