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The Derwent Project Image

Night Projection Window
David Stephenson and Martin Walch
The Derwent Project

The Derwent Project is a collaboration between artists David Stephenson and Martin Walch; it visualises in new ways the complex natural and cultural history of Tasmania's Derwent River system. The Derwent River rises within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and passes through ten hydroelectric developments rich with evidence of Aboriginal, colonial, and industrial history before meeting the sea at Hobart. It is a vast and complex system that encompasses a striking range of environments—from remote wilderness to urban estuary—within a discrete and relatively accessible region. Drowned Forests of the Navarre, Lake King William, 13 August 2012, is representative of the middle Derwent, which is heavily altered by human activity, particularly hydro-industrialisation.

A UTAS Tasmanian College of the Arts (Art) research project.

Image: David Stephenson and Martin Walch
Drowned Forests of the Navarre, Lake King William, 13 August 2012 2012 (still)
from The Derwent Project series

CCP’s Night Projection Window using the 3M Vikuiti rear projection film
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