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Susan Fereday
Infinite Image

Infinite Image revisits two earlier bodies of Susan Fereday's work: The Object of Photography (1994) and Untitled Found Objects (1993) in the context of her new series of photographs Infinite Image (2012), which explores the infinite malleability of the digital image.

For many years, Fereday has re-photographed small details of magazine advertisements to resemble classic 'UFO photos', which she presents alongside suspended glass and metal plates that also mimic UFO forms. Her arrangements of suspended mirrors and plates, along with the shadows and refracted shapes they cast onto the gallery walls, evoke the displacement of desire through the allure of commodity fetishism. They 'earth' the photographic imagery, sharing their correlation of shape, and re-presenting their banal materiality as spectacle.

If the object of photography is the illusion of the object and a reflection of our desire for the image, then in the digital era that object is vast in ambition and infinite in potential.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


THURSDAY 7 February 6:30pm

Susan Fereday

Susan Fereday's new book The Object of Photography: a theory of photography in (my) pictures will be launched at the opening.


Susan Fereday's exhibition All Seeing opens at Sarah Scout Gallery, Melbourne, on Saturday 9 February, 3-5pm.

Image: Susan Fereday The Object of Photography 1994-2013, courtesy the artist and Sarah Scout Gallery, Melbourne

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