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Joshua Petherick
Cusp and Cornice

Cusp and Cornice presents two groupings of new works by Petherick. Carriers take the form of digital photographic prints that are transformed into inverted carry bags. Here, the image (depicting disparate elements—clothing, leaves, old fruit, etc.—carried or collected between the artist's studio and home that have been doctored into the decorative interior lining of the bags) becomes the carried object. Dispersed across the gallery floor, the image enters the realm of sculptural form. Petherick pairs these with Gutters, a continuation of his work with the fragmented picture frame. Using scans of the gutters of catalogue and book pages, disembodied details become minimal sculptural objects punctuating the space like a series of em dashes emancipated from their sentence. Marginalised and abstracted from the fixed, preserved state of the framed image (or the finite page), Petherick's Gutters occupy an interregnum; upturned and open, like Carriers, they edge between solid forms of dimensionality and display. Both groups investigate the potential of interrogating the malleable line between image and object; process and support; and the ways in which one carries, embodies, or contains the other.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.



Joshua Petherick is represented by Croy Nielsen, Berlin

Image: Joshua Petherick Carrier (Season Inverse/Synthetic Mesh) 2012

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