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Pat Foster & Jen Berean
Double Negatives

Double Negatives continues Pat Foster and Jen Berean's interest in how contemporary society engages with the notion of progress and, by extension, how this shapes our physical and psychological surroundings. The exhibition is presented with a concurrent exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary.

The CCP exhibition features a series of framed, empty whiteboards. Foster and Berean have intentionally focused upon the moment before a scheme is presented – the clean whiteboards would be ready to receive a bout of 'ideas' were they not framed beneath glass, rendering them unusable. They exist now only in terms of unrealised potential, impotent in their ability to assist with any progression of ideas.

Progress is also suspended in a silkscreen print of a collapsed figure accompanying the whiteboards. Apparently inebriated within a public space, the subject is caught in an endless circle of futility.

Pat Foster and Jen Berean are represented by Murray White Room, Melbourne.

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