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After a short hiatus 4evamore are coming back to their favourite city in the world, Melbourne! Yes, they have chosen hometown Melbourne to launch their new eau de cologne, available 14 April in all good department stores.

The boys are refreshed and smelling better than ever, bringing with them hearts of gold and boyish charm, all in the purity of an essence.

Ladies beware! This scent is intoxicating.

Your favourite fellas are excited about this aroma; they spent time in the perfume laboratory with scientists perfecting a fragrance that expresses what it is to be a boy on the cusp of manhood in 2011.

So make sure you don’t miss out on this treat for the senses.

'Enticing on the nose and lets face it these guys are easy on the eye.'
HOW magazine February 2011

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Image: CCP Supporter logos