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Mac presents photography and photographic records as things we inhabit, as implicitly mental spaces like memory.

At its simplest level the exhibition forms part of a private family archive. As well as photographing parents, siblings, children and extended family for more than forty years, Mac Nichols has actively pursued, collected, adopted, rephotographed and reorientated original photographs inherited across generations.

Each photograph depicts a single figure or group of figures and is almost invariably framed with a particular subject in unambiguous view. Nonetheless, it is not the simple affects of family intimacy or biographical referents that is the exhibition’s narrative. Mac, rather, is formed around the abstract intensities that attach to photography; material intensities that refigure and re-emerge independently of the methodologies that surround it. Nichols pursues the sense that travels across individual images and photographic sources and understands photography as a process of learning and knowing.

The exhibition will be Mac Nichols’s first public exhibition and is curated by his brother, Jonathan Nichols.

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