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"Ice Blink" is a nautical term indicating the presence or absence of ice a long way off. This exhibition draws from a large series of photographs of imaginary Antarctic landscapes, made a long way from Antarctica-in museums, research centres, aquariums and Antarctic theme parks and discovery centres. Images made in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Norway, England, Scotland and the United States between 2003 and 2007 will be included in the exhibition. Antarctica is a location through which Anne Noble continues her longstanding investigation of how personal relationships to place are constructed through the photographic image. She is interested in photography as a cultural practice and in reflecting on its connection to narratives of exploration, tourism and the commercialisation of wilderness landscapes. Drawing on formal conventions of photographic beauty, Noble focuses on visual dissonance and the discordant narratives of place within these environments. Noble has been photographing imagined and recreated Antarctic landscapes as well as Antarctic tourism since 2002, when she spent two weeks in Antarctica as a New Zealand Antarctic Arts Fellow. During this fellowship she investigated the phenomena of whiteout and photographed the shifting effects of light on white in conditions at the point at which human perception and cognition flounder.

Presented in association with Melbourne International Arts Festival

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