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Laetitia Bourget
Cultures - Landscapes

Cultures - Landscapes has been produced with found slides collected from the street. The emulsion on some of these slides has been slowly altered by moisture and mildew, and on others it has been degraded through a more corrosive process using composted food. Other slides have been altered to the extent that the initial picture has vanished. Through the intervention of degrading processes over time, the images achieve an unexpected and new depth. Accompanying Bourget's video Cultures - Landscapes is a sound installation by Frederic Nogray. Nogray also uses found sound and chance effects in his sound designs, seeking a reflective and emotional space for the perception of sound. French artist, Laƫtitia Bourget's work encompasses video, photography, installation, intervention, sculpture and painting and arises from the problematics of the body; both physical and existential. Bourget's work also questions social relationships in the tradition of Relational Aesthetics.

Sound installation by Frederic Nogray

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