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Mervyn Bishop, Gayle Maddigan, Brook Andrew, Lisa Bellear, Dianne Jones And Christian Thompson
Black on White

An exhibition of photographs by Aboriginal artists representing non-Aboriginality. There is a long and fraught tradition of depictions of Aboriginal people by non-Aboriginal people. Indigenous people have been drawn, photographed and filmed continuously since first contact, represented through the eyes of the invading forces. The media continues to frame 'Aboriginal stories' in a certain way that feeds into the perceptions of the status quo. There still exists in the broader community the idea that Aboriginal people look and act a certain way. Aboriginal artists have made inroads to this area by representing themselves. However, how do they see the people and culture that surrounds them? How does the act of representation shape those who are represented. Put simply, does the stereotype held by mainstream Australia, affect the perspective that Indigenous Australians have of the broader community? The exhibition asks the question; do Aboriginal people see non-Aboriginal people as "the Other"

Curated by Megan Evans and Maree Clarke

Image: Christian Thompson

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