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Curated by Natasha Bullock & Brendan Lee

Curated by Natasha Bullock & Brendan Lee

Chris Bond, Philip Brophy, Starlie Geikie, Lily Hibberd, Christopher Koller, Brendan Lee, David Noonan, Ricky Swallow, Simon Trevaks

Scheduled to coincide with the 52nd Melbourne International Film Festival, Art+Film is an exhibition that evaluates the effect of cinema and filmmaking on contemporary artists and art practices.

From the haunting photograph of Ricky Swallow's carved wooden mask referencing the Scream (dir. Wes Craven) trilogy of films, to Lily Hibberd's glow-in-the-dark paintings that chronicle cinematic encounters with light, this exhibition considers the potency of cinema - the most popular of all cultural forms.

Art+Film features a range of emerging and established Australian artists, whose work responds to the cinematic experience, either through direct appropriation, stylistic reference or in-depth analysis of filmic materiality - its particular blend of light and time.

Comprising large-scale photographs, phosphorescent paint effects, digital soundscapes, video, DVD and sculpture, Art+Film explores lighting, sound, cinematography and mise en scene, whilst also investigating film culture and paraphernalia.

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